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My study Plan

Here is my study plan for AMA scholarship at the Korean National University of Arts. Please feel free to give some comments!


I have dedicated my life to architecture. I will surely take this major, if I receive Asian Arts Major (AMA) scholarship at Korean National University of Arts (KNUA). The five-year architecture program would broaden my knowledge and sharpen my skill to be a truly qualified architect. It would foster my creativity to challenge in the battle field of today and tomorrow architectural design sector.

Through foundation year at Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) and first year in the Department of Architecture, I have a strong foundation in design theories, drawing, sketching, and my national history of arts. I have also taken architectural workshop for nearly two academic years   and I am highly confident that design studio series which will be covered in the whole five years at KNUA will not be a problem to me. I am certain that I am well-prepared for my first year and other four years at KNUA and able to challenge with other international students.

At the Korean National University of Arts, I would primarily focus on modern architecture. With various courses related to world architecture and architecture histories, modern and contemporary architecture, I would have a better perspective on what the future architecture will be and characterized. I am also very interested in landscape and urban design which will be conducted in the fourth and fifth year. I wish to create a special harmony for human beings within landscape and urbanization. I would do more research on landscape design and urbanization which best suits the third-world countries like Cambodia. In my academic years, I would have to focus primarily on modern architecture landscape and urban design yet I have to be strong in all subjects.

Meanwhile, I wish to focus on sustainability in architecture, landscape, and urbanization. To me, it is architects’ responsibility to ensure their design do not affect environment and it is also architects’ part responsibility to contribute in reducing climate change. I am very much inspired by the 3R (Reuse Reduce and Recycle) formula and I will use it to make my design green. There are also courses about sustainability at KNUA while there is no course on it in my country’s universities. Additionally, I have also done some independent reading on this subject, and the study of environment and sustainability would sharpen my understanding on green design. Sustainability is the best concept to harmonize between human nature and environment.

As mentioned above, I am sure the program at Korean National University of Arts best fits my strong aspiration in the field of architecture. The university provides various courses which are unavailable at universities in my country. The department of architecture interests me a lots as it is the first of its kind who received validation from the Royal Institutes of British Architects (RIBA). In addition, the campus is built in modern style surrounded by nature which creates the best study environment. The five-year program is priceless to me and I feel it is vitally important for my development to be an outstanding architect.

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My personal statement

Here is my personal statement for AMA scholarship at the Korean National University of Arts. Please feel free to give some comments!

Personal statement

Recalling my past life at high school, I always thought it was made up of three things such as a pen, a ruler, and paper without which I could not live. With these things I could draw a house, a building, and a city on pieces of paper in my notebook. Many of my friend thought it was just my weird game, yet I think it is my life today and tomorrow.

Born in a place where people lack knowledge of arts, I was a strange boy who played with sand and tiny sticks to build tiny strange-form buildings while other kids played kid games. I was very interested in how those tiny sticks made up as structure to stabilize building which made from sand. It was a kind of entertainment and imagination in my childhood. Once, I read an article in a magazine about Vann Molyvann architect, the father of modern Khmer architecture, I was inspired greatly. I found my hero and I was aware of what way I should go on.

Time flies so swiftly, I finished my high school with a satisfactory result. Becoming architecture student is my main goal and winning scholarship in architecture is my special desire which I have to achieve. My effort pays me back satisfactorily; I have won two scholarships at the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) for architecture major and University of Cambodia for English major. The scholarship exams I took did not give me only chances to study for free but they gave me many unforgettable experiences which are worth for my lifetime. I have made a lot of improvement in the foundation year program at RUFA despite the fact that I had to embark on new learning experience without art background.

Personally, my passion for architecture is not only this. There are still a lot more I have to learn, practice, and challenge.

Winning Art Major Asian (AMA) scholarship of Korea National University of Arts (KNUA) is my aspiration. Obviously, my country has been mostly invested by Korean investors. Thus, with education from KNUA, I am optimistic I will surely be able to utilize my knowledge to develop my country in a positive way. Plus, Famous Korean culture and arts have much influence on my mind so that being a graduate from one of the Korean university is my only dream. Meanwhile, being a part of AMA is highly prestigious and is a great opportunity to get much better understanding in architectural field. I would be in a very challenging situation with other outstanding Asian students to get to the top. It is not only about challenges but I will learn more clearly about other Asian cultures and arts especially Korean culture and arts.

I am certain in setting up my future goal. If I obtain the AMA scholarship, which I strongly hope, I will study hard, and participate in school activities to gain various experiences. I will share what I have with other Asian students. After completion at KUNA, I will return to Cambodia where I will use my knowledge broadly and wisely.  I will design sustainable buildings with creative features. Additionally, I will find a new input to develop my concept to make my design more sustainable and more creative. I will also apply for a position as lecturer assistant of architecture at RUFA on a voluntary basis. I am willing to teach my students using what I have learned from AMA and KNUA education. I will explain my students how Korean architects develop their architecture which takes a lead before Cambodia.

With strong commitment and life dedication to become an architect, I believe all I have learned from AMA program will contribute positively to Cambodian culture and arts. Respectfully, I would like to humbly request the AMA Scholarship committee to provide me a positive evaluation and grant me a seat in your prestigious university. Your valuable consideration will exactly help promote cultural exchange and bond between the two nations, Korea and Cambodia.

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