What is landscape architecture?

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Most of Cambodian people do not know what architecture is and more people do not know about landscape architecture. They do not even know what people majoring in above skill do. Some people said architect is  an artist. Yeah, architect or landscape architect is an artist but they have a broad capability in actualizing their drawing. To suit my article, I would only talk about landscape architecture. The landscape architecture in Cambodia is not popular and we have only few Khmer landscape architects working in the field as there is no university opening this subject. Even worse, there is no formal training in Landscape architecture available in this country.

Chulalongkorn university is the only institution that provides Landscape Architecture major in the region.

The term of landscape architecture is the design of outdoor and public spaces to meet human demand and environment (It is more and this is just a short explanation). Landscape architecture has its own history but I prefer not to mention here but you can read yourself  on wiki. I find that Landscape Architecture is very important not just for its aesthetic but for everything if you go deeper into it. Landscape architects use their creativity to design outdoor spaces based on existing regional landscape, culture and people who live around that site. Landscape architecture (which is known as landscape gardening in the old old time) is not only about gardening but more.

Landscape computer visualization

landscape architectural work

Modern landscape

For decades, landscape architecture has been very popular in developed countries like US, European countries.. In US there is a famous magazine specializing only in Landscape Architecture. The magazine is called Landscape Architecture. This magazine has reflected that Landscape Architecture has been practiced and popular in the American society. Landscape profession has also been recognized and appreciated.  We can see several creative landscape works which are very admirable and hope to see it exists in our country.

Landscape Architecture magazine

So far, in Cambodia, most of  landscape architectural works are nothing remarkable. The gardens and public spaces in Phnom Penh and other city of the kingdom are seen the same style and less creative except private ones (example: 5-star hotel garden). This is a  problem so related people and institutions should re-consider about this as Cambodia has been trying to boost its tourism sector and investments. Plus, Cambodian society should accept the new and creative ideas and be less conservative for things that has no impact on our culture.

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  • 1. សុភាពបុរស  |  ខែកញ្ញា 10, 2010 ម៉ោង 7:07 ព្រឹក

    សួស្តី! ការសរសេររបស់អ្នកពិតជាអស្ចារ្យមែន!!! រៀននៅណាដែរ?

  • 2. reaseyhsaophol  |  ខែកញ្ញា 10, 2010 ម៉ោង 7:09 ព្រឹក

    Thank gentle man! I just wanna practice my writing! Thnx so much!
    I study at Royal university of fine arts, architecture How about u? very nice to know u! We can be fren ! add me on facebook.

  • 3. សុភាពបុរស  |  ខែកញ្ញា 10, 2010 ម៉ោង 7:18 ព្រឹក

    អូខេ!!! រិករាយដែលបានស្គាល់ ។

  • 4. adam  |  ខែ​កុម្ភៈ 1, 2011 ម៉ោង 1:29 ល្ងាច

    Very well said (landscape architects use their creativity to design outdoor spaces based on existing regional landscape, culture and people who live around that site) it is like being an artist but expressing it with the nature that is in and around your country. Cambodia has its own natural architects to it in its own country side. Thats what we like to take it from places and try put in our own backyards we always miss the beauty of our own country, but try and develop it through landscape architects in our own country.

    • 5. reaseyh  |  ខែ​កុម្ភៈ 1, 2011 ម៉ោង 5:34 ល្ងាច

      Thnx for you comment Adam! 🙂



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