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My team presentation @ Manolis house

The project for STT’s Stung Mean Chey is completed. It is such an honor that Manolis house via Mr. Giacomo Butte invited us to present about our project on Sunday last week.  We prepared everything in Khmer but I did the slide in both Khmer and English. I feel our presentation slide is not good enough. When arrived at the Manlis house, most of audiences are not Khmer. What Can I do? Mr. Kim seng (STT officer) and Bro. green (invited guess) encouraged me to present in English. Finally, We did it in English with 2 speakers.  I don’t think my presentation was going well but at least some of the foreign audiences came to greet me and said ” Well done! your presentation was really fun “. Please download the slide I converted into PDF to find out how I could made fun of them.

​Download the file in PDF ទាញ​យក​ឯកសារ​ជាPDF

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My New Year resolution

The year of 2010 has just said good bye 2 days ago. Now we are in the year of 2011. This year, my university life is gonna be  much tougher than in 2010. In 2010, I did not perform well at school as I am a bit lazy but this year I am committed for my study only.  My new year resolution is hard-to-achieve but my will for it is strong. 🙂 Here are lists of what  have to do in the year of 2011:

– Be outstanding at school

– Participate in social activities as much as possible

– Improve quality of my portfolio

– Be slimmer

– Read books

– Go deeply in the field of architecture (do more research, reading…)

How about your new year resolution? Can you tell me?

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