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Vatannac Capital Site Visit

View from the back gate. They start framing glasses from the 1st floor.

Rules to be followed!

Water proofing paint

Blur Canadia Tower

Framing glass from China

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Cambodian artists make waves in art world

In history, we can see Cambodia was very talented in arts and architecture. Cambodian ancestors  built many greatest temples such as: Angkor Wat the Khmer architecture and arts masterpiece, Preah Vihear temple the perfect Khmer arts and architectural masterpiece which harmonize itself  within the surrounding nature and the perfect symbol of god place…etc. In the present time, after three decades of civil wars, we have lost many things especially arts but Cambodian artist do not stay still. They have tried their hardest to revive their national arts. Their effort is  paying them back satisfactorily. A news post on BBC Asia-Pacific released yesterday talk about Cambodian contemporary arts under the title Cambodian artists make waves in art world. It is a big pride for Cambodia whose artists such as Mr. Svay Sareth, Mr. Leang Seckon, Mr. Em Riem, Mr.Pich Sopheap…. have done many great works to make a big waves in the art world.  The new generation of Cambodian artists have brought Khmer arts to the world stage and I, as a Cambodian citizen, is very very proud of them and myself to be born as Khmer.  They are becoming more globally-recognized  by their talent and outstanding art pieces. So far, I have known that some among them have their art work shown at various museums abroad like Singapore, London… For ordinary Cambodian people, the awareness of Cambodian contemporary arts is very important.  We should see, learn, and support them and also spread the news about them.

Here I would like to highlight some Cambodian contemporary arts and artists!


Svay Sareth made the canoe by hand without any boat-building experience (Image courtesy: BBC)


Rattan-prototypes by Per Brolund (graduate of the University of Lund, Sweden) and Em Riem. Brolund was one of the three young designers engaged in designing new products for the international market together with local companies in the region of the Greater Mekong within the scope of the WWF project. Per Brolund was and still is, stationed in Cambodia. Designer: Per Brolund and Em Riem, Cambodia Producer: Cambodian Modern Rattan Photographer: Per Brolund © WWF / Per Brolund (Original Photo and Description from WWF International on Flickr)

From Em Riem Facebook


I think he is the most famous among the other Cambodian artists as he has many of his works exhibited around the world from Japan to London and also Google search result.

Leang Seckon, "Golden Flower Skirt", 2009. Mixed media on canvas, 150 x 130 cm.

Leang Seckons First European Solo Exhibition Opens at Rossi & Rossi (Image courtesy:


cycle by sopheap pich, 2005 rattan, steel wire image courtesy 10 chancery lane gallery

Sopheap Pich | Cambodia b.1971 | Buddha (from ‘1979’ series) 2009 | Rattan, wire, dye | 220 x 70 x 110cm (approx) | Project for APT6 | Courtesy: The artist | Photograph: Vandy Rattana


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Preserve the great memory, Preserve our heritage, and Act now!

White bldg

White building and Gray building (now known as Phnom Penh center) was a part of Vann Molyvann’s Bassac area project. The Grey Building has been invested by Malaysian company and it was renovated beyond recognition. White building, as you seen in picture, is now in danger of demolition. It was designed as a social housing by Lu Bun hap and Vladimir Bodiansky architects and was constructed in the 1960s. The Phnom Penh municipality has released its notification letter that the building will collapse as it is very old and stands without maintenance. Sure, the building is over-occupied and looks so old but it doesn’t mean that It’s too old or too damaged to be restored or reused. Since it is a significant part of the Modern Khmer Architecture movement, it should be called a heritage (non-Angkor area heritage). No one destroyed their heritage so this building should be preserved.

Not only related people should have concern on this issue but everyone should be concerned to make a big voice. A big voice can be heard more easily than a small voice. Sadly, more and more French colonial, 50s and 60s buildings have been being demolished to make a way for modernization. This is not a good choice to modernize Phnom Pench city. That’s why we should make a big voice for our beloved city.

To know more about this issue and how we transform this old building into a profitable one ( tourism, business..) please follow this link to the alternative plan designed by Mr. Giacomo Butte, an Italian architect. I found it greatly interesting .  I really appreciate his work. If Phnom Penh municipality take this plan into consideration, I am sure that the city residents will be much happy especially people who live in the White building. Moreover, if the building is preserved, the memory of the golden age of the 1950s and 60s will also be preserved.

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A lecture about Angkor Wat replica

Have you ever seen any photos of non-damage Angkor Wat? In 1931, Angkor Wat model on scale 1:1 was built in Paris, France for the Universal and Colonial Expositions. I am so curious about how it was built, why they choose to build on the massive scale 1:1…. Please come to join the lecture by Micheal Falser from Heidelburg University in Germany at Manolis house tomorrow at 6:00 pm.

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