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Protect our ozone layer!

World ozone day is held all over the world on 16th this month in commemoration of the date (16-09-1987) of the Montreal protocol on substances that deplete the ozone Layer. Today, global environment activists take place to preserve the layer which can block the ultra violet ray.  They try to raise awarness about ozone and its role and importance to protect our world. Our primier also have sent his declaration through almost all national media. He has requested to all of his citizens and officers to focus on ozone layer and participate to protect it under the slogan “Universal Participation Ozone Protection Unifies
the world”.

As a world citizen, we all should participate in this event.

What can we do? the answer is:

-No using products containing CFCs

-No using too-old machine(car,moto,….)

-Check the frezeer and car air-conditioning (If they do not function properly, have them repair because they may have leaks)

-Buy a refrigerator or an air-conditioning without CFC

-Reduce the use  air-conditioning…

Unite to protect our ozone layer


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