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Khmer Harry Potter released!

The news about Harry Potter book in Khmer was already posted on Fidele’s blog so long time ago. It was a surprising news. I was looking forward to reading it till the last day I was in Siem Reap. I went to a largest super market in town called Lucky mall. I walked from my aunt’s house to the market alone at about 7 o’clock. I hoped to meet some of my old friends there. Unluckily, I met no one. I walked into Monument book store located on the ground floor. There was not much to be displayed or sold there, just some well-known local and foreign newspapers,magazines, some books and kid toys. I found Harry Potter books there. I was very surprised that the book was translated by University of Cambodia Press(my uni) under the license from JK . Rowling. I decided to buy one because I’ve never read it in English. I prefer reading in Khmer to English as it’s a little bit hard to understand. That’s why My English is still weak. So far, I have reached page 20. It is a good story so you should have one. You can buy it at any book stores now.

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